Bob Books!! – homeschool product review

A few years ago, I wanted to find a more interesting reading program for my youngest homeschooled children so I bought some Bob Books.  I sat down with my five-year-old on my lap and my three-year-old looking over my shoulder and to my great surprise, within a month BOTH of my youngest sons were reading Bob Books with great enthusiasm!  They are now 9 and 7 and still love books.  I give much of the credit to a phonics program that made reading fun from the very beginning!

You can find Bob Books at this website:

Sonya Haskins


One thought on “Bob Books!! – homeschool product review

  1. My youngest also learned to read from the Bob books – I has tried another reading program and she just hadn’t co-operated at all, and then we picked up these and she was reading almost immediately. I think it was because she could ‘read’ a whole book by herself. The sense of achievement once she could ‘read’ the first book led her to want to read more and more.


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