What’s wrong with our nation’s government-run schools?

They don’t know how to mutiply, but they know how to find the latest cheats for their video games.  

They can’t point out Europe on a map, but they have 500 friends in their online social networking group.

They are being taught that the United States was founded on the principle of “Freedom From Religion” and they have no idea that “Freedom OF Religion” means the complete opposite.

They have no idea what the difference is between “they’re,” “there,” and “their,” but they send 200 text messages a day with words like UR, BRB, and AISI.

They no longer run the mile in PE class (that’s physical education in case you’ve forgotten), but they CAN buy potato chips and soda at lunch.

They are not assigned books any more because they don’t like the classics we used to read, so teachers let them create their own reading lists.

They don’t practice public speaking any more because it violates a student’s right to be silent, but a moment of silence is unconstitutional because a student might pray.

Teachers are fired if they talk about relationship with Jesus Christ, but it’s ok to talk about thier sexual relationships with people of the opposite or same sex.

Cheating is permitted because what’s wrong for one may not be wrong for another.  Some students just need the extra help so teachers look the other way.  If they don’t, parents get mad that some teachers actually try to raise the standards.

“Do what feels good and don’t worry about the consequences.”  If you get pregnant, you can have an abortion.  If you don’t know the answers on a test, you can always cheat.  If you wreck your car, your parents will buy you another one.  If you lie, you can just lie again if you need to cover the first one.  If you don’t work, you can get welfare.  You should experiment with drugs, alcohol and sexual preferences while you’re in school because there is nothing wrong with “trying” these things while you’re young.

They are told not to ask questions because the teacher doesn’t have time to answer all of those students.  If the students persist in asking questions, they will be given medication because they obviously have an attention disorder and it is disrupting the class.  Students are NOT ALLOWED TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES.  If this were to happen, some of these bright young people might actually realize that some of the things they are being taught are FALSE!!!

What is wrong with our public schools today?  There is so much to discuss that it’s difficult to know where to start.  Schools no longer teach academics (reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, science, etc.).  Instead, our schools have been taken over by liberal extremists who are perverting our children.  Public schools today promote, yes they TEACH:  atheism, sexual deviancy, evolution, abortion. 

As a nation, we WILL suffer the consequences of leading millions of innocent souls into sinful lifestyles.  Are you going to be part of the solution?  If so, you might consider teaching your child at home!  If this is not an option for your family, then work to adamantly oppose the liberal policies of the NEA.  Your child’s life depends on it.

The Family Research Council e-mailed the following on October 14, 2008:

Homosexuals Having a Field Day with CA Schools
“It really is what we call a teachable moment,” argued Liz Jaroflow, the interim director of a local California charter school. This is how she and other administrators rationalize the decision to take a class of impressionable first graders on a field trip to their teachers’ lesbian “wedding.” At the suggestion of a parent, Jaroflow herded the five- and six-year-olds onto a bus during school hours last Friday and surprised Erin Carder and Kerri McCoy at City Hall. Now the unorthodox excursion is putting San Francisco’s school district at the center of a national debate on counterfeit marriage. When asked what educational value the trip had, Jaroflow pointed to the “historical significance of same-sex marriage” and “civil rights.” “…[I]t’s not controversial…” she told reporters. “It’s certainly an issue I would be willing to put my job on the line for.” Whether or not the district will ask her to do so is unclear. According to the Chronicle, Jaroflow did ask for parents’ permission, and two families opted out. Across California, however, voters are in disbelief. The trip, a disgraceful abuse of school time, is just a preview of the indoctrination to come if Proposition 8 fails. Ironically, this happened just days after “No on 8” launched ads last week claiming same-sex “marriage” would not be taught in schools, no matter what the outcome on November 4. Not only will it be taught, it’s obvious that the lessons are already underway! On the Chronicle’s site, editors posted a video of these first-graders celebrating their teachers’ big day. View the video for a snapshot of what homosexual “marriage” will mean for children across America.

To learn more about the Family Research Council, visit www.frc.org .


6 thoughts on “What’s wrong with our nation’s government-run schools?

  1. Ahhh, but therein lies the problem. If children just “work as if the information given them is true, even if they don’t believe it,” then I believe the greatest injustice has been done. It happens that I do not believe in evolution, but I have friends who do, so I don’t mind to completely ignore that part of the discussion. It is not my intent to debate how we got here in this thread, BUT I do think that schools should teach students to be “thinkers,” not robots. If children are unquestioningly taught that what they are being taught is the “truth,” then we have taken away the main premises of science – ask questions, test theories, seek proof for ideas.

    Even with Christianity, I want my children to have faith because they believe for themselves that Jesus is the son of God and he did on the cross for their sins, not because I tell them this is so. With science, I want them to question how the Biblical account of creation, the flood, etc. is actually supported more and more by modern findings (even though many of these aren’t published today because the secular world chooses to hide them).

    But with science in schools today, they do just want kids to believe. They want them JUST to believe that evolution is a fact and not question the things that don’t make sense. Students are not being taught to be thinkers and therefore true scientists. So my decision to leave “science” out of the list was very deliberate. It’s not that I would mind to have science in the schools if kids were taught to seek the truth, test theories, etc., but they aren’t. And I don’t ever think it’s right to just accept something as true – even in the public schools. Surely you can see how this would be a problem.


  2. “I don’t know how you feel about that, but I guess with it comes to the schools – what happened to simply teaching them arithmetic, reading, and writing?”

    Teaching just those things is great, but I would throw in science and history. Despite what many people think, science is not a religion. And it doesn’t have to be taught in a way that speaks to religion at all. Moreover, if a parent wants to tell their children that science (or specific scientific subjects) or history (or specific historical events) are wrong, that’s their right. But because public schools shouldn’t be dealing with religion, the children just have to understand that they need to do work as if the information given them is true (I happen to believe it is, but we don’t need to have that argument) even if they don’t believe it.


  3. I think it makes sense. And I also don’t think we should have religion in schools. The problem is that if we have freedom of / from religion (however you word it in this case), and it’s promoted in schools, then which one are you going to chose? Some places would pick Christianity, others Islam, etc. I don’t think my tax money should go to teach children in religious matters. With that said, I am a devout Christian and I do think that many of the opposite things are being taught and it has become a religion of secularism. That bothers me greatly. In my opinion, it’s still religion, but one of New Age and the world. I don’t know how you feel about that, but I guess with it comes to the schools – what happened to simply teaching them arithmetic, reading, and writing?

    Goodness, I’d even settle with them adding in Latin and physical education… it just seems that there is so much time spent today on things that are “issues” rather than just teaching kids how to think (then they could coherently join us in this conversation and make their own decision about whom they support) or just teaching them to do the basic things necessary for a good education. It frustrates me to no end to go to the grocery store and the clerks can’t give the correct change or to hear a young person speaking today and they not only use correct grammar, but they have no earthly idea what they are talking about if it has anything to do with history.

    If you write back, I’ll probably respond tomorrow. I need to do some housework. Have a great day!


  4. You certainly do have that right. What no one has the right to do, however, is force their religious beliefs on others.

    That’s one of the biggest issues with public schools. I have absolutely no problem if your children, for example, want to pray in school. As long as they aren’t praying the entire time and/or causing a disturbance, that’s perfectly fine. What I, and many others, do have a problem with is having prayer (or anything religious) mandated by the school, and thus the government.

    You can kind of look at it this way: the people have freedom OF religion and the government has freedom FROM religion.

    The reason for that is relatively simple. The American people are not one religion. In order to be fair to everyone, the government would either have to defer to and/or mandate every religion or none of them. By mandating none the government is being efficient and avoiding forcing religious things onto the groups that wouldn’t want them. For example, if the schools mandated the sacrifice of a chicken every morning before classes.

    I hope that makes sense.


  5. I didn’t make myself very clear in the comment I made, but I was referring very specifically to the First Amendment – “freedom OF religion.” I believe our founding fathers had a reason for using this wording and if they had stated “freedom from religion,” then I think this implies that no one can have religion.

    I do appreciate your point, however, and also the fact that you have stated it with respect. Please feel free to post here any time. I’ll approve it so that people can read both sides. (I won’t approve stuff with cursing because my children read this.)

    I do respect your right to choose not to have God in your life. I just want to make sure that my right to worship the Lord is also respected in our nation.



  6. “They are being taught that the United States was founded on the principle of “Freedom From Religion” and they have no idea that “Freedom OF Religion” means the complete opposite.”

    Not really. You can’t have one without the other.

    If I’m not free FROM your religion, I can’t be free to have my own.

    If we don’t have freedom FROM religion, then you should be forced to follow the religions of all your neighbors.

    Freedom FROM religion is necessary for freedom OF religion to happen.


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