Swiss Family Robinson

We are watching Swiss Family Robinson tonight. Christopher has been asking to watch it for a few weeks and I finally rented it from Blockbuster.

It is definitely obvious that the movie was made before “animal rights” were an issue.

About 30 minutes in, the youngest boy was off in the wilderness trying to catch a baby elephant and he was almost eaten by a tiger. The mom ran to him and said, “You know you shouldn’t have run off like that… Don’t you know you might have been eaten or something!”

Chris said, “Aren’t you glad we’ve never said that one to the kids?”

I guess it seems that we’ve said a little of everything – including things we’ve said we would never say – but I have to admit, we’ve never warned them about being eaten!

Hannah was asking if the terrain was accurate because they are on a deserted island, but there are elephants, tigers, etc. She said, “What kind of terrain do elephants live in? Do they really live in forests?”

Earlier in the week we noticed that she had a rash on her arm and Chris asked her how long it had been there. She said, “Daddy, don’t you remember that I can’t tell time?”



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