Bioterrorism Preparedness

I was looking up some information this evening about botulism and one of the things I pulled up was the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) website “Communicating in the First Hours.”  The gist of the whole website is to tell you the most likely bioterrorism agents and how they would be spread.  With each agent, they also provide the messages that would be shared from the CDC in the event of a bioterror act.

I found it a little creepy that we are aware of these agents and how they could be used, but I would fully expect us to know that information.  What I found disturbing were all the scripts available in the event of an outbreak.  It was just kind of weird!  You can take a look for yourself here:

It makes for very interesting reading, but I wouldn’t recommend reading it in the presence of any paranoid family members.  : )



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