A Mom’s Sabattical?

Last night we were talking about our plans for the next few days and Chris said I was going away for the weekend for Mom’s Retreat.

Daniel (7) apparently didn’t exactly understand what I was doing and asked incredulously, “She’s going to a Mom’s Night Out for ALL weekend?!?”

I explained, “Daniel, it’s a Mom’s RETREAT, not just a night out.”

Chris said, “Yeah, it was Mom’s Night Out for one night. Now it’s a whole weekend. The next thing we know, it will be a month long thing.”

I started laughing and Chris just looked at me and said, “Next I guess you’ll be wanting a year’s sabbatical?”

He had a smile on his face and it was very funny. My husband is very supportive of my work with homeschoolers and he never has a bad word to say about anything. Actually, we both stay pretty busy working, tending to our family, and serving the homeschool community. We love all the things we do, but I am thankful for times like this when I can have a break. (Don’t worry, Chris gets breaks now and then, too!) Now that I am a mother, I truly understand the saying, “A mother’s work is never done.” Even while others in my home rest, I’m still doing laundry, finishing a few dishes, preparing the next day’s lessons, etc. Perhaps when our children are all grown, Chris and I can take that sabbatical together!

Do you take a break sometimes? Whether it’s a couple of hours, a weekend, or even a ten-minute walk down the road, make sure you take time to refresh yourself occasionally. I’m not one of those people who is going to tell you, “You deserve it!” I don’t even think that’s Biblical and it’s incredibly self-centered. What I will tell you is that an occasional break, even a short walk or a few moments alone in your vehicle, can sometimes be all that you need to refresh yourself. In a couple of days, I’ll post add some creative ways to find time for yourself that won’t interfere with your family time.

Sonya  : )



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