Sex Education

Lately Hannah (5), Daniel (7) and Christopher (9) have been having a lot of discussions about who’s more important – men or women.  These have been VERY in depth conversations.  First women were more important because they take care of the family, cook the meals, and give birth to the men.  Then men were more important because they work, they can lift more than women and (I liked this one) even though women give birth to babies, woman was taken from man’s rib.

Despite frequent reminders that God created men AND women and we all have much to offer the world, the discussion came up again today in the van.

We were driving down the road and I don’t exactly know how it started, but I heard Hannah say, “But the woman has the babies because she has the eggs so she is the most important.”

Daniel said, “Yes, Hannah, but the woman can’t have a baby without the man’s sperm.”

“Yeah, Hannah, the sperm has to go into the egg and MAKE the baby so the men are the most important,” Christopher added.

“Women do NOT need men to make babies!  They come straight out of the mommy’s uterus and there is no man there,” Hannah replied indignantly.

At that point, Daniel said, “Mommy, could you please tell Hannah that she is wrong.”

I thought for a moment and gingerly said, “Weelll, first off, as we’ve discussed before, God made men and women.  They are both important and we all need each other.  Now, as for the other stuff, what you’ve all said is true.  Men do have the sperm and women do have the eggs.  The babies do come out of a woman’s uterus.  But the man’s sperm has to go into the woman’s egg to make the baby so it does take both the man and woman to make a baby.”

They all sat there quietly for a moment and then Christopher said, “Now how exactly does the sperm get into the egg?”

I said, “Well, the mommy and daddy have to work together real hard to make a baby, but it takes both of them.”

Christopher paused and then said, “I still don’t understand.”

I said, “Listen guys, the mommy and daddy have to be REALLY close together and when the sperm finds the egg, it makes the baby.  Now I think we better stop at the grocery store!”

We will share the remaining details in due season, but for now I’m thankful that they still have questions!  Too many kids loose their innocence so soon these days.  We’ll protect it as much as possible now and gradually disclose the remaining details necessary for their sex education.  So don’t worry – in due season I will share with them the specifics of how the sperm gets to the egg, but for now I’ll keep reminding them that men and women are both important!

Sonya  : )


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