Getting Paid to Talk…

A couple of weeks ago, an older homeschool mom asked me if I had ever participated in a focus group.  I hadn’t so she explained that it was a legitimate marketing research tool where a company basically pays you to share your opinion and talk about a particular topic for a couple of hours. 

Of course, I was like, “Get paid to give somene my opinion for two hours?!?”  Goodness, I usually do that for free and someone is telling me to be quiet so of course I was born for this job!

This evening I drove to a local hotel and waited in the hallway with about 20 other people.  Now there were only 8 people in the focus group so I have no idea what happened to the others, but I am not sure if I even want to know.  Our “group director,” or whatever you call him, had on the neatest pair of blue jeans I’ve ever seen.  They were like regular blue jeans, but the thread was a gold color instead of blue and I kept thinking how neat those pants were.

Anyway, during this focus group, we were asked to give our opinions, answer questions, etc.  We also had to cut pictures and words out of magazines and make a collage related to the topic on a huge piece of poster board.  That was fun!  One lady there, actually someone I know, commented that it was almost like therapy.  I thought that was funny.

Like so many others, Chris and I are desperate for money right now to pay our bills.  I am ever-amazed how God provides for us.  We need money to buy groceries next week and He provides $100 for me to share my opinions for two hours and cut pictures out of a magazine.  How awesome is our God!!

Sonya  : )


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