Pregnant woman facing coerced abortion – still pregnant!

Regarding the post I made about the woman in China who was six months pregnant and who was being held at the hospital pending an abortion, she has been allowed to leave the hospital – with her baby still in the womb. There was so much international outcry from the media attention this story received that the government said she was “not healthy enough” to undergo the abortion procedure so they let her go home. I will continue to monitor this situation. I am interested to see if they allow her to keep this child when he/she is born. I’ve read other stories of the hospital staff “confiscating” the baby once it’s born if the parents have exceeded their child limit.

A Chinese paper reports that “The Chinese government reportedly has backed down amid international outrage, reversing a decision to force a Uighur woman who is six months pregnant to abort her child under Beijing’s notorious population control policies. Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported that Arzigul Tursun had been released from enforced hospitalization in China’s far northwestern Xinjiang region and allowed to return home to continue her pregnancy.”
You can read the full report here:

I am thankful for Mrs. Tursun, but we need to continue to be in prayer for the women in China who are being forced to submit to sterilization and abortions against their will.

Some of the women are not opposed to the abortions, requirements for a birth permit and sterilization procedures. For these women, I pray that the Lord will touch their hearts so that they realize how precious each of these unborn children are.

For the women who are opposed to the government’s coercive tactics, my heart breaks. I can’t imagine how painful it would be to see us with our large families and know that you were not allowed to have more than one child or you were forced to murder an unborn child. I just really can’t imagine living with that sorrow.



2 thoughts on “Pregnant woman facing coerced abortion – still pregnant!

    • I agree. With Obama and the bill he signed last week, this will happen not just here, but around the world – with OUR money. The new “norm” seems to be telling people that having babies is ruining our world. I would say that instead gluttany (eating too much food that others need), pride (building big fancy homes with more and more resources when a small one would suffice), greed (wanting more and more STUFF that isn’t needed) and many other things are having a much more negative impact on our world than people having babies who are breastfeeding, using hand-me-down clothes, encouraging their child to conserve and recycle, and teaching those children not to be WASTEFUL. This is just another example of how it is so easy for mankind to get so twisted in their thoughts and punish innocent people (unborn children) because they are selfish and want more for themselves.


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