Creative Answer

I have felt very bad lately so I haven’t been upstairs much to the children’s area. Chris goes up there every evening when he is getting the children ready for bed, but I just don’t have the energy to climb the stairs or worry about cleaning up there. We do expect the children to do that on their own.

Today I was carrying some books upstairs that had been in the living room for a couple of weeks and as I went upstairs, I could see in the boys’ Lego play area. There are Legos everywhere.

I said, “Gee whiz, boys. Can’t you pick up the Legos as you play and keep them off the floor?”

Daniel (7) said, “But we don’t need to, Mommy. We’ve memorized where they all are so when we go in there, we just step over the ones in the floor and find an empty spot to sit in while we play.”


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