looking forward to spring

Here in East Tennessee, we’ve had cold, cold, cold weather. Actually, we’ve had much colder weather than usual and we’ve had much more snow than we’ve had in several years. I enjoy seeing the snow. After all, if it’s going to be cold, it may as well snow. I definitely don’t enjoy the cold, though.

Today the boys wanted to go play blocks on the porch. I told Christopher that Daddy could bring them into the dinning room for them and he said, “No, we would really like to play outside since the weather is so nice.” I said that was a wonderful idea so we prepared to go outside. I noticed that Christopher didn’t have on his shoes and I said, “Christopher, put on your shoes before you go outside.”

He quickly pointed to his feet and replied, “But I want leave these on.”

We all started laughing and I said, “It’s a good thing since you can’t take them off!”

I guess we’re all a bit anxious for warm weather to come so we all decided that bare feet could be the standard for today since God had blessed us with a day of beautiful weather in February! I am battling another frustrating headache coming on at the moment, but the children are enjoying some time outside at home with their dad. I hope everyone else is enjoying this gorgeous day as well.



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