Frequently when I share stories or funny things that the children have said or done, people respond by saying something like, “I hope you write these things down” or “You should keep a record of these things!”

Yesterday I was at lunch with one of my best friends (who shall remain nameless here to protect her identity).  After we ate, we went outside, unaware of how much the wind had picked up.  Suddenly, a huge gust blew my friend’s dress completely up to the top of her head and it was possible to see everything that was underneath.  She shrieked and tried to push her dress down.  I started laughing.  We quickly looked around to see how many people were flashed.

Last night during story time, Hannah’s dress slipped up and it reminded me of what had happened during lunch so I shared the story with her.

“That is so funny, Mommy,” Hannah (age 5) said.  “You should write that on your website.”

Sonya Haskins


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