Your Guide to the Grand Canyon – book review


I would give anything if we’d had this book when we visited the Grand Canyon on our trip out west in 2007. It is the most amazing book! It has full-color photographs, covers every area of the Grand Canyon, has an in-depth look at the geography of the canyon, contains photographs and discussion of canyon wildlife and animal life, shares historical perspectives, etc. Students will also have a clearer understanding of how the evolutionary view of the canyon was forced upon scientists while a foundation for the creationist view of a massive flood is a more likely scenario. This should be a required purchase for every parent who actually wants their children to be interested in science. 

Obviously, I would highly recommend this for everyone, whether they homeschool or not.  It would make an excellent schoolbook and is a must-have if you are going to visit the Grand Canyon in the future!  The book would also make a wonderful gift.

Reading Level:  Although the material is probably geared toward middle or high school age students, elementary age students would love the photographs and, with a parents help, could understand much of the text as well.  Adults will find the material quite engaging and the photographs stunning.

Price:  $15.99 retail

Publisher:  Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group

Copyright date:  June 2008

Authors:  Tom Vail, Mike Oard, Dennis Bokovoy, Dennis Hergenrather


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