Special offer for homeschool graduates interested in King’s College in NYC

The admissions counselor for King’s College in New York City (not to be confused with KING COLLEGE in Bristol) asked me to forward this letter to homeschool families.  Please contact Bryan directly if you have questions.  Notice that they are waiving the application fee for homeschool students!  Many colleges are more than willing to work with homeschool students due to their high rate of academic excellence, superior work ethic, high morals, and overall ability to participate in and contribute to college life.  If the Lord so leads you, I hope some of you will consider contacting King’s College to find out if your student might qualify for financial aid. 


Sonya Haskins


Dear Homeschooled Students and Families:

Greetings from The King’s College, New York City! The King’s College is a rigorous Christian college in the heart of New York’s famous Empire State Building, and someone in your homeschooling network has been kind enough to pass our information on to you.

This year, King’s seeks to fill the remaining seats with intelligent students who want to engage culture for Christ…right in the epicenter of where culture is created!  Our faculty—great minds such as Dr. Marvin Olasky (Editor-in-Chief of WORLD Magazine) and Dr. Peter Kreeft (author of numerous books and tenured philosophy professor at Boston College)—are eager to assist you in your academic development.  At King’s, you will be able to further develop your Christian worldview as you pursue degrees in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PP&E); Business Management; and Media, Culture, and the Arts (MCA).

We believe that there are exceptional 2009 graduates out there who have yet to choose a college. There are also students who have chosen a college for the fall but are not completely satisfied with their decision.  If you fall in either of those categories, I’d encourage you to take a closer look at The King’s College.  If you’re an academically gifted student and are interested in finding out more about King’s, visit our website and apply online for FREE at www.tkc.edu/apply.  For homeschooled students, we’d love to waive the $30 application fee—just enter homeschool (all lower case, no spaces) in the “Name on Credit Card” line of the application and the fee will be waived.

Since we don’t have your contact information, we’re relying on you to contact us and identify yourself.  We look forward to receiving your application!

Bryan Nance Jr.
Admissions Counselor

The King’s College, NYC
Empire State Building
350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1500
New York, NY 10118
Phone: 212-659-3610
Fax: 212-659-3611


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