Judge ORDERS teen into chemotherapy against his and family’s wishes

I’ve been watching this case since last week and thought some others of you might be interested.  Here is one article about the case today because the family has fled – with GOOD REASON!  http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,520690,00.html   

This case is another example of a blatant attack on our Constitutional and God-given freedoms to choose when to trust God for our medical needs and when we want to seek medical care or stop it.  Although I do not know much about this family’s church, I do know that the mother, father, and the boy (who has cancer) have all decided that they do not desire chemotherapy.  He had one treatment and it was so rough that the family decided to seek alternate medicine for his cancer, including altering his diet to include foods that have been proven to help cancer patients.  Even if we do not agree with the theology of the church, we need to support the parental and personal rights that have been shredded in this case.

Last week, a judge ORDERED the family that they MUST subject the boy to chemotherapy, even if that means holding the 13-year-old down and forcing the IV in.  This is ludicrous and goes to show how far the judicial branch in our country has gone in trying to take over families, parental rights, and even a person’s individual rights.  The boy has stated adamantly that he would refuse any further treatment other than alternative medicines, but the judge said he has no choice. 

Whether or not you agree with this family’s decision to seek alternative medicine treatments for their son, the fact is that it should be THEIR choice, not some judge’s.  People abuse their children, school systems indoctrinate our children in theories of evolution and anti-Christian rhetoric, teenage pregnancy and venerial diseases are rampant, yet the courts are focusing more and more time on cases of well-meaning, caring families who DO take care of their children and want the best for them, yet the courts disagree with HOW things are being done.  It’s not that they aren’t doing a good job; someone just thinks it should be done differently – or rather, done the state’s way!  This is not about abuse or even neglect.  The family is very aware of what their choice means.  The parents and this young man (13) are willing to live – or die – with that choice.

I will pray for this family and hope some of you would join me.  I honestly believe that as many of these cases as we are seeing right now, we are going to continue to see a dramatic increase in these sorts of issues over the next year and trust me, it DOES affect homeschooling.  If a judge has the right to tell a family which kind of medical treatment is best for their child, judges won’t hesitate to tell families what sort of educational setting is best for their child either.  (And actually, there was a case a few months ago where the judge ORDERED some homeschooled children back into public school at the request of a vindictive father during a custody battle even though he had previously been very supportive of home education.) 

We were badgered last year to have the HPV vaccine for Sarah (then 12 years old) and I was basically told I was ignorant for refusing it.  Now they are trying to make this mandatory for ALL girls – yes, ALL girls – age 9 and over.  I can honestly say that if someone tried to force me to give my children someone we adamantly opposed and also believe is unsafe for them, especially when there are other options (like remaining sexually pure) or if someone tried to force me to put my children into public school, I also would leave.  Everyone should seriously consider what cases like this mean for ALL OF US.

Sonya Haskins


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