Gun Control / Holocaust Museum

I’ve been sitting at one of my favorite writing spots today and I saw a news flash earlier about the incident at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC earlier this afternoon.  While I was watching the episode unfold, four diners entered the deli and sat at the table next to me.  They asked what had happened and I told them what I had seen thus far.  One of the ladies commented that it’s so tragic that we have such “lax” gun laws and when we allow common citizens to have guns, this is what happens.

You’d all be very proud of me, but I didn’t even respond to her!  I didn’t say, “Well, ya know, common citizens DO have a right to protect themselves.” 

I also didn’t say, “Despite the fact that you’re driving a BMW (she was) and wearing $200 shoes, you obviously didn’t get your money’s worth of education since you apparently didn’t learn that it’s our constitutional right to bear arms.”

Nope.  I didn’t say any of that.  What I did do was call one of my friends and tell them to go ahead and pick up that $200 handgun Chris and I have been considering.  While I’ve never really liked the idea of having guns in the vicinity of children, I DO believe it’s important to train them in the proper use and handling of guns.  This would obviously include instruction about how guns should only be used for hunting, defense of one’s family or self, or pleasure (such as target shooting at the range).

Guns aren’t the problem.  Gun control will not stop tragic events.  Criminals and misled people will continue to obtain weapons of all sorts.  Even if they weren’t able to obtain guns, they would find another way to carry out their evil deeds.

When good, law-abiding people are not allowed to exercise their RIGHT to bear arms, THEN we will have a much worse problem in our society because the average citizen will no longer have any ability to defend himself against tyranny, criminal acts, or oppression.

I just saw on Fox News that they have identified the shooter as James Von Brunn.  He is apparently a white supremacist who has written many racially-motivated articles that are available all over the Internet.  Unfortunately, from what I’ve read, most of his writings are full of paranoia, lies, and anti-semitic rhetoric.  It’s very sad that people can be so full of hate.  Gun control is not going to stop sin in the world.  It’s not going to take away hate.  There is only one thing that can truly do that and it’s a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

I’ve already been reading that some people are questioning security and such at the museum, but in my opinion, it sounds like it worked just the way it was supposed to.  The security guards responded with force (lethal force???) to a valid threat to the visitors.  I am so sorry to hear that the guard who was wounded has now died.  Rather than questioning the security procedures, however, we all need to be thanking him and the other guards who put their own lives on the line to protect the safety of the museum visitors.  It’s a reminder of the many soldiers, guards, and officers across the United States and abroad who put their lives on the line on a daily basis.



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