Buy your own toilet paper!

When I’m working on a new book, I usually go to town and work at a few local restaurants where I can sit at a table for several hours. The managers don’t mind and I tip the waitresses really well so it works out for everyone.

I’m editing my new book right now and lately I’ve noticed that the bathrooms always seem to be out of toilet paper. I will go in the bathroom to do my thing and realize that there’s no toilet paper in the stall so I have to walk back out of the bathroom, find the manager or someone else who can get the toilet paper, and then go back in the bathroom.

Today I asked one of the managers why the restaurants always seemed to be out of toilet paper lately. He said they were having to keep it behind the counter lately because if there was a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, women would stick them down in their purses and take them!!! Other managers have given me similar reasons for taking the sweetners, salt and pepper shakers, and sauces off the tables.

Come on people! Are we really that desperate?!? Of course I don’t know that anyone perpetrating these hideous acts would actually be bothering to read my blog, but if you are, please leave the toilet paper alone! I don’t use sweetners, salt or pepper or sauces, but if I did, I would be making the same plea for those items. As it is, though, everyone (I think!) uses toilet paper and I’m sure all the other restaurant patrons would appreciate it if they didn’t have to humiliate themselves each time they want to go to the bathroom by requesting a piece of toilet paper just to go do their duty. Get a life! Buy your own toilet paper!



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