On Being a Mutt and Other Thoughtful Race Issues

As I was surfing the Internet today, I came across a site that advertised jobs for African Americans.  I thought, “Hmmm, are these jobs seriously for African Americans?”

What about equal opportunity employment?  What if I wanted to apply for one of those jobs?  I’m not “black,” so would I not qualify?

I started thinking about this and typed in “African American Association” and there were over 47 MILLION results.  As a matter of fact, I literally found millions of clubs and associations devoted to African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, etc., but I honestly couldn’t find ONE club or association devoted to plain white people.  I did find several articles where things like this had been attempted, but they had quickly been squashed by the ACLU or other such agencies! 

Since I have a mixed heritage of German, Native American, Irish and a few other things I’m not sure of, I’m simply a “mutt.”  I’m of mixed heritage, but I can’t celebrate any of them.  After all, I’m not Native American enough to prove it.  I have a huge nose reminiscent of my Cherokee Indian great-great-great-grandmother who managed to hide in the Tennessee mountains during the Trail of Tears, but there are no birth records to show that I have Cherokee Indian in me.  After all, who would have known back then that we would need to “prove” our heritage in order to prevent racial discrimination by qualifying for special privileges simply because we belong to a particular race…

During my browsing, I did find several articles that addressed a situation in California a few years ago when a 15-year-old tried to start a “Caucasian Club” to celebrate her heritage.  There were already Hispanic clubs, African American clubs, and Asian clubs at her high school and this brave young woman decided to assert her fundamental right to be proud of her own heritage, but the ACLU became involved and lambasted the girl for her audacity at trying to create such a racially insensitive organization.  So it’s insensitive to create a “Caucasian Club,” but it’s not insensitive to create an “African American Club”?  I don’t understand the difference.

Now before anyone starts accusing me of being a racist, I would have the same response I have when people say that I’m against public school.  NO, I’m not.  I am TOTALLY in support of parental rights.  Parents have the right to make decisions for their children, whether that’s in regards to medical decisions, discipline issues, where to attend school, or whatever it might be.  As for being racist, anyone in our society would be color blind if they didn’t notice the prejudices being placed on our citizens today and I am NOT talking about prejudice against African Americans or any other minority.  I’m talking about prejudice against anyone who dares to speak out against the left-wing liberals in our country who are taking away our rights in the name of “tolerance.”

I was discussing this with my friend yesterday while we were having lunch.  Before she arrived, I overheard a discussion going on behind me between two attorneys.  No, I wasn’t trying to listen, but sometimes you just hear a conversation and when you’re sitting two feet away, it’s difficult not to hear.  They were discussing the fact that they’ve seen a HUGE increase in the number of discrimination suits that have been filed since Obama became president.  There were cases of people (mostly African Americans according to the attorney, but some Hispanics) coming in two or three hours late to work, not showing up at all for work, or doing poor jobs and when a supervisor tries to say something about it, they are being slapped with a discrimination lawsuit.  He said that in one instance, a lady had been late for about ten days in a row and finally one day she came in two hours late and the supervisor (a white male) asked her, “Why are you so late?” and the NEXT DAY this lady came in to work with an ACLU representative who brought paperwork for a lawsuit.  His friend is currently handling the suit and I heard these attorneys discussing the fact that they almost can’t even go to court on these issues any more because there is so much prejudice AGAINST anyone who would dare to tell this woman and others of a minority background that they have to follow the rules. 

After the attorneys left, I relayed the story to my friend.  I commented about how sad things like this are and how we need to teach everyone – regardless of color, sex, handicap, or whatever – that there are rules that must be followed and if you break the rules, there are consequences.  This is one of the big things I want to teach my children through homeschooling and I’m sure those of you who don’t homeschool would agree that this is something you want to teach your children as well!  She said, “You know, what’s sad is that I’ve known you for almost fifteen years and I’ve NEVER known of you to be a prejudice person or someone who would say something bad about anyone because of their race, but lately I’ve noticed that you have made comments that you’re noticing discrimination.  The population IS changing, you know.” 

It’s important to note that my friend is an admitted racist and I’ve frequently defended the fact that people can have a Biblically-based inter-racial marriage and other such issues throughout the years.  She KNOWS I love people just for the fact that they are people and I don’t look at skin color, but lately things have been different because there are people in our society who are making such a huge issue of race that many African Americans have even made the comment that our newly elected president would pay their bills for them now because they have been oppressed and poor for so long.  What?!?  I know people who have lived in Africa and other third world countries and have given up lives of luxury just to help the people who lived there.  I know WHITE people in America who are just as poor as BLACK people and I’ll admit that many of them have their hands stuck out as well, but they don’t say they’ll receive help just because of the color of their skin!

Anyway, my friend’s comments startled me, but I realize that I have been thinking about this issue more because it has BECOME more of an issue! 

I have always loved everyone of any color because all of us are God’s children.  We were created in the image of GOD – every one of us.  It don’t care if you’re black, blue, red, white or purple, God created us all and he sent his son to die on the cross for us.  To me, that’s the main thing in life and I try to instill in our children a love for everyone, regardless of education level, economic status, race, or any other factor.  It simply doesn’t matter. 

We have many friends who have adopted children.  We want to adopt.  We don’t care what color the child is, but I can guarantee you that if a child of African heritage were placed in our home, we would spank that child when he or she did something wrong just like we spanked our other children when they were little.  I wouldn’t say, “You know, I shouldn’t punish you because you are black.”  If my children were in the yard playing Cowboys and Indians, I don’t run out and say, “Hey children, that’s politically incorrect.  You’re supposed to play Cowboys and Native Americans…  And by the way, it wasn’t fair that we took their land so make sure the Native Americans win.”  No.  I would say, be nice, play fairly, make sure everyone has a turn, and come in when you want a snack. 

We can’t undo the past, but we certainly don’t want to limit freedoms so that it forces us to repeat the past in another manner, in other words, the oppression of an alternate group of people (Caucasians, Conservative Christians, homeschoolers, etc.).  That’s exactly what I see happening and I’m doing my part by encouraging pride in our Mutt heritage, freedom of expression, and discrimination against NO ONE in our house.  Perhaps it will catch on and adults who are supposed to be protecting the freedoms in our country will learn to play nicely as well.

P.S.  Just so that no one will get the wrong idea, I am positively opposed to white supremacist ideology and other organizations devoted to this cause, but I do think it’s pretty ridiculous that people like Obama’s Reverend White can rant and rave against those “white people,” but yet people who make a comment against black people are charged with a hate crime.  Personally, I think they’re all wrong.  We are to love our neighbors as ourselves and that means ALL your neighbors!


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