The Toothbrush Purchase

I went to buy some new toothbrushes yesterday and couldn’t find a single toothbrush that wasn’t made in China! Since so many products from China have been recalled due to lead content or other problems, I was standing there mentally calculating whether or not it was safe to purchase these imported toothbrushes. I guess I stood there too long since one of the cashiers actually came into the aisle to make sure I wasn’t sticking something in my pocketbook.

I finally decided to take a chance on lead poisoning and I purchased a cheap five pack. I could have bought a better brand and paid ten times as much, but I figured since they’re all made in China anyway, it doesn’t really matter if I get lead poisoning from a 20 cent toothbrush or a $2.00 toothbrush.

This morning I was using one of my new toothbrushes and noticed that our toothpaste was also imported!

Do you remember that old game “The Price is Right”? That’s the one where people have to guess the prices of items. You might have to tell how much a bottle of Mayfield milk costs or a large bag of bite size Snickers bars. I was thinking this morning how we could create a new game show where people have to guess which country products were made in.

The only problem is that the show wouldn’t last very long since the answer would almost always be “Made in China,” “Made in China,” “Made in China….”



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