Double Standard

Have you ever noticed how liberals seem to think that it’s ok to be rude to conservatives, but it’s never acceptable for a conservative to say anything rude or even slightly offensive to a liberal?  A slight against a liberal might be something as minimal as disagreeing with their point of view while an offense against conservatives can include examples like David Letterman’s punch at Sarah Palin’s daughter being “knocked up” in the seventh inning.

Conservatives lose their jobs, receive threats, or experience other backlash when they make comments against liberal mentality, but when a liberal makes fun of conservatives, makes rude comments, or even makes blatant insults against conservatives, they are sometimes heralded as heroes.  Forget about losing their jobs or having backlash for their behavior!

Why do conservatives put up with it?  Are we so concerned with being nice and polite that we think we should turn the other cheek even when others are attacking our way of life, insulting our children, or telling bold faced lies?  Should we behave differently than we are?

I would say absolutely.  Being polite is good, but allowing others to completely run over you is ridiculous.  And yes, I do realize that Jesus allowed himself to be led to the cross, but he also got MAD in the temple when money changers were misusing his Father’s place of worship.



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