Christian Children’s Fund removes “Christian” from Name

For those of you who have supported children through the Christian Children’s Fund, you might like to be aware of the fact that they have decided to turn their backs on their “Christian” heritage and succumb to the pressures of being politically correct.  It’s absolutely amazing how quickly our world has changed in the past few years, but the change in the past few months is just astounding. 

This is the announcement on the main webpage at

Remaining Dedicated: It’s All About the Children

On July 1, Christian Children’s Fund will continue our legacy as ChildFund International.

Although we’re making changes, one thing remains the same – our dedication to serving the world’s deprived, excluded and vulnerable children.

“We will begin our next 70 years with a new name – one that unifies us with others who are working for similar outcomes for children – broadening our reach and strengthening our impact to improve conditions for the world’s children,” said CCF President and CEO Anne Lynam Goddard.

Strangely, it strikes me that the (revised???) beliefs and mission statement sounds like a shortened version of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

CCF Beliefs
At CCF, we believe:

  • all children deserve an environment of hope, respect and understanding;
  • that poverty is a personal experience for every child and this insight and sensitivity guides all of our actions;
  • it takes a global perspective and collaborative effort in order to substantially impact the issues of poverty that are facing children today;
  • we must work together to create an environment of understanding towards all children embracing cultural and religious differences;

I know many homeschoolers who support the Christian Children’s Fund so I thought this announcement might interest many of you. 

Sonya Haskins


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