Will Universal Healthcare Plan Require Microchip IDs?

According to a CNN Money article by David Goldman from January 12, 2009,

“President-elect Barack Obama, as part of the effort to revive the economy, has proposed a massive effort to modernize health care by making all health records standardized and electronic.

Here’s the audacious plan: Computerize all health records within five years.”

Many people would wonder if this would really be possible.  There is a lot of talk in Congress these days about the new healthcare plan.  Universal healthcare.  At what cost?  With what requirements?  After all, people need to realize that nothing comes without a price tag and I am not talking about the financial one.

Since it looks like the healthcare package is going to pass in some form, let’s just look at how they might make it affordable – and also make it seem like we’re all being done a favor.  First, universal government healthcare is established.  Then, in order to reduce costs, we need to streamline the system and make sure that there are no gaps in coverage, medical histories, or treatment.  The best way to do this would be to make sure that each patient’s medical records are accessible quickly and easily.  The best way to accomplish this would be to implant microchips in every individual who subscribes to the government healthcare plan.

Now before you think I’ve completely lost my mind… consider these facts:

September 11, 2001

Terrorists attack the United States

According to the VeriChip website, a company called Applied Digital Solutions saw this horrible event as a reason to create microchips to track the identity and personal medical information of individuals.  VeriChip was created only a few short months later in December 2001.  Again, according to the website, the goal of the company was “to produce and market an implantable microchip to identify patients in an emergency situation.”


FDA gave approval for VeriChips implantable microchip technology for use in humans.


VeriChip began working with Receptors LLC to create a microchip sensor that would do more than store a patient identification number.  The new microchip contains a glucose-sensing system. 

March 2009

According to their website, “to complement its healthcare division, VeriChip established VeriGreen Energy Corporation to invest in clean and alternative energy.”

Is it any coincidence that the decision to establish the VeriGreen Energy Corporation followed on the heels of Obama’s Stimulus Package?  No.  Read the press release from VeriChip dated March 10, 2009:

Following the recently signed stimulus package, which will invest nearly $79 billion in renewable energy, the Company intends to invest in clean and alternative sources of energy to complement its existing healthcare initiatives.

Commenting on the new division, Scott R. Silverman, Executive Chairman, stated, “With our country in its current economic condition, there are two clear areas in which the Obama administration will invest heavily – healthcare and energy. Due to our unique positioning at this time and our strong balance sheet, VeriChip is poised to capitalize on both.

May 6, 2009

VeriChip and Receptors LLC have also decided to cash in on the fear of a bioterrorism attack or an influenza pandemic. 

According to a May 6, 2009 press release, Scott Silverman, chairman of VeriChip, stated:

As we continue to build on our partnership with RECEPTORS, which started with the development of a glucose-sensing RFID implantable microchip, we are moving beyond patient identification to sensors that can detect and identify illnesses and viruses such as influenza. This is an exciting next step for the future of our healthcare division. (emphasis mine)

In other words, the scene has been set.  Congress seems ready to implement the universal government healthcare plan.  VeriChip and Receptors LLC have the technology ready to provide each participant with a microchip for the benefit of maintaining medical records and detecting illnesses and viruses such as influenza and bioterrorism agents.  The Obama Administration is highly likely to support any measure that would streamline the process.

If you think all of this might be voluntary and I’m overreacting, think about public school attendance or vaccinations.  Both began as voluntary programs and now are mandatory (or require a jumping through the hoops in order to be “exempt” – as in the cases of homeschooling or vaccination exemption due to religious objection).  I could sit here all day and give you examples of things that used to be “voluntary” that are now required by law. 

So if you see in the future a universal nationalized government healthcare system that uses microchip technology, you might be right.  Is it possible that we could also make the leap between recently developed tracking systems like this and the mention of a “mark” in Revelation 13 that would be required to buy and sell.  After all, the technology now exists and it is already being used for other purposes.  If our economy experiences a catastrophic failure of any sort, a “simple,” easy method of tracking people and expenditures would likely be put in place.

Maybe I’m paranoid.  Hopefully I’m wrong.  But it sure seems like someone needs to be recognizing the fact that all these pieces fit together too nicely.  Surely that isn’t a coincidence.

Sonya Haskins



4 thoughts on “Will Universal Healthcare Plan Require Microchip IDs?

  1. The chip is moving ahead under the cover of health care and is equiped to handle health, financial, and other personal information and records about the bearer. The five states that have filed suit against the violations of the rights of their people will be met with the stroke of a pen by the Obamanation in the White House in issuence of an executive order making it Federal Law and manditory for all to recieve it ” the microchip”. This is well thought out. Christians will be branded terrorist by what used to be our government..it’s comming..comming..it’s here! What are you going to do about it? Go ahead..bleet like sheep and eat yourself off the side of the mountian..then bleet some-more. Bleeting is like ringing the dinner bell for the wolves. “Try” to vote them out..Ha,Ha. Look-up, Stand-up, Shake em up…Get ready to meet the Christ..Jesus Christ..how? Accept Him as your LORD and Savior and make yourself ready to meet Him thru FAITH and OBEDIENCE to His LAW’S of LOVE. Don’t fight the powers that be but, overcome them with FAITH and PATIENCE. Do good and not evil, trust G-D!


  2. A good synopsis is comparing us to cattle being loaded for the slaughter plant, were so busy looking behind us to see what has happened that we can’t see where were going and where were headed.


  3. Chipping anyone is a bad idea. Too much room for abuse. I have two patients with chips in them, verified by MRI, that didn’t consent to there implantation. I also published the account of a woman who was stalked, drugged and raped by a former FBI agent using satellite surveillance technology. A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism In America is out in stores now! See http://www.satweapons.com


  4. Unfortunately, you are not wrong, and it is very kind of you to warn your fellow humans. However, I’m sure you know that the vast majority of people will not only be unalarmed by movement toward mandatory injection of The Chip, they will welcome it as a convenience and a step towards a safer, and more secure Brave New World Order.

    Resistance is the only moral course, even if it is futile.


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