Phone calls about stimulus funds for individuals is a scam

My mom called me this evening all excited. She had received a phone call from “Washington DC” (on the caller ID) stating that they had her phone number as a potential person who would benefit from the stimulus package funds. These funds are supposed to go to people who need the money the most, but it’s on a “first come, first serve, most needy basis,” the message stated.

As most already know, the stimulus funds are going to fund “pork” projects for the people who supported the move to put our great-great-great grandchildren in debt. The money will in no way help those of us working every day to pay taxes that will fund the project.

So anyway, I suspected it was a scam from the beginning and after some research found the following website that does indeed expose the scam at

The website the message tells you to visit is Please tell your parents and others about this so that they will be aware if they receive a call of this nature, just ignore it. Obviously, it’s too good to be true that you would get something for nothing, even if the “nothing” is the trillions of tax dollars that we are paying into this stimulus project.

Sonya Haskins


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