child-friendly websites

I know a lot of parents worry about the places their children visit online.  Many parents don’t have time to search the Internet for appropriate, child-friendly websites so the kids and I have listed their favorites below.  They are allowed to go to these websites ONLY.  I recommend having the parent type in the address one time and save it in your favorites, then teach the children how to pull up the site they want from there.  That way you avoid them typing in the wrong address, which might pull up a site completely different than you intended…


Sonya Haskins (and children) – listen to episodes online – lots of online games for children – really cool website!  You can listen to the latest episode of Jonathan Park (creation science adventures), find lessons that relate episodes to history and other subjects, read behind the scenes info, etc. – has online games with little Playmobil people – even young children can play the games and enjoy activities here – games, etc., more for older kids – has online games with little Lego people  (I’ve never seen anything bad on here and I do let the children go on alone, BUT they are NOT allowed to go into any of the discussion groups or chat.  These are well-monitored, but still a chance of something bad coming through so I wouldn’t chance it.  Stick with the Lego game area.)


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