Dryer Warning / Lesson

Sarah said our dryer smelled funny tonight so I opened the door to see if there was a problem.  I didn’t see anything or really smell anything, but the back of the dryer has an area with little holes all in it and I thought, “Hmmm, that’s neat.  I wonder what that is.”  I didn’t even THINK about the fact that the dryer had been running so I reached in and touched the holes and burned the dickens out of four fingers on my right hand (not my thumb).  Boy does it hurt!

Homeschool kids are so curious and many of them do chores – including laundry.  I thought some of you might want to show your children the area and warn them that the back of the inside of the dryer is hot, hot, hot!  I’d hate for them to learn the lesson the way I did – with blistered fingertips. 

I guess tomorrow our lesson will be about how dryers work and first aid for burns.  🙂




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