Resourceful Homeschoolers

When I was teaching Spanish at a local co-op, it seemed that I was always forgetting something – pens, dry erase markers, paper, etc.  There was one young man in the class who always came prepared.  No matter what I needed, he always had it, whether it was a pencil or a Kleenex.  One day I said, “You always have everything I need.  That’s just amazing!”  He replied, “I’m an Eagle Scout, ma’am.  That’s our motto – be prepared.”

This week we have been trying to shrink the size of our flock of roosters.  It’s like we have our own little “hood” of roosters here!  The only problem is that we’re having a TERRIBLE time rounding up these little free range creatures.

The other day we were trying to catch some and Sarah went to get one of the hens.  I said, “Sarah, we don’t need the hens.  We’re trying to catch roosters.”  She said, “I know.  Just watch.”

She sat the little hen down on the ground and suddenly all the roosters came running over. 

Sarah said, “She’s their favorite hen and they jump on her all the time so I figured we’d catch them that way.”

I told her that was kind of cruel to use the little hen as bait and wait in ambush for the roosters, but it sure worked!  And to be truthful about it, I was quietly impressed with her resourcefulness.  🙂

Whether it’s my child doing it or someone else’s, I love hearing these sorts of things.  It helps remind me of the rewards of homeschooling on those days when I need to open my “happy folder” and go to my “happy place.”  🙂



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