Use discretion with family photos of nude children

Last year in Arizona, a family turned in some rolls of film to be developed
after they returned from vacation. While they were innocently waiting for the film to be developed, a Wal-Mart worker called the police and child protective services to look at the photographs. To make a long story short, the CPS worker decided that the photographs were provocative and since the children were nude in some of the pictures (outside the bathtub), the children were removed from the home – for a MONTH – while the investigation took place. Eventually, a judge ruled that the photos were completely innocent in nature. Investigators found other photos and videotape of the children running around the home naked or in their underwear. There was NO indication whatsoever that these photographs were used for anything other than the enjoyment of the family. The
children showed no signs of being abused or that they had ever been exposed to any sort of pornography or that the parents exhibited this type of behavior – at all.

Despite all this, this family lost their children because of an overzealous
Wal-Mart worker and a CPS worker who apparently never took nude photos of her own child. As I heard this story on the news today and then read it again online, I thought of all the photos in our own albums that show our newborns in their birthday suits or the children together in the bathtub playing when they were little. We tried to avoid anything that showed their genitals, but since the photos were taken in complete innocence, I can certainly relate to a family who takes photos of their young children without clothing on every part of their bodies.

I just thought others might appreciate this gentle reminder to be careful about the photos you take of your children. I certainly wouldn’t post anything questionable online, but considering the current atmosphere toward parents, I would even be hesitant about taking these sorts of photographs and then having them developed at a place like Wal-Mart. You just never know when someone is going to take something like that the wrong way. It’s sad.

If you want to read the full article, it’s here:\

Sonya Haskins


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