I had mentioned a few weeks ago that in our homeschool right now, we’re studying WWII and along with that – propaganda, German (the language), and other related subjects. There is certainly no shortage of examples of propaganda for us to study …right now, including the story about the teacher training elementary age students to sing praises to Obama. You can see that here:

Now before anyone starts getting all worked up about how we should praise the president and honor him, etc., well I AGREE with the fact that we should RESPECT the office of the president and the actual person, but that does NOT mean we should “praise” him, nor does it mean that children should be trained to blindly accept the person without questioning their policies, morals, character, etc.

Back to the topic of propaganda, there was also this really neat article that talked about all sorts of propaganda and how numerous leaders have used specifically targeted children over the years. All of the propaganda isn’t necessarily “bad,” but it IS very interesting and certainly applicable today to be aware of what propaganda is, how it is used, and what it can accomplish (for good or evil). All the examples they shared are targeted toward children so it’s pretty neat. I’m planning to show the kids tomorrow. If you are interested in doing the same, another thing you can discuss is how commercials are a type of “propaganda” and how they don’t exactly tell you the whole truth, but they sure do make their products sound terrific! Kids can understand that. : )


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