another Obama indoctrination video

I’m not sure when this clip was filmed, but it came from a PTA type meeting in Sand Hill, North Carolina.  I am under the impression that it was filmed as part of a back-to-school program earlier in September, but I can’t verify that.  I just wonder how many kids in classes across the United States are learning chants, songs, and rhymes about Obama, change, hope, and our future instead of spelling, math, HISTORY, foreign languages, etc.  I’m sure we’ll never be aware of how much indoctrination is actually going on out there, but we can try to speak out against it all the same.

On a positive note, there are LOTS of people asking about homeschooling right now as a result of the things that are going on in public schools across the nation.  This is a wonderful time to be share with others the joys of homeschooling, answer their questions, and help make others aware that there are (at least now) other educational options for our children.  I think it’s also important to remember and be in prayer for parents who truly don’t have the option (for whatever reason) to homeschool their children. 



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