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While we would love to have a few hundred acres with animals, a huge garden, a root cellar and much more, we’re trying our best to make the most of the land we have (a little less than an acre) with chickens, a small garden, a few herbs, and plenty of room to run and play.  Like many others from my generation, I have not grown up with the skills necessary to can food, build solar panels, take care of farm animals, etc. so I’ve been researching various resources to help learn some of these things at least.

Here are some really neat homesteading sites I found that I thought some of you might enjoy:  …  This is an excellent site, especially for new homesteaders with a Christian worldview.  They don’t have as much material as I would like, but they do have some great start-up ideas.  …  This website has tons of articles and very helpful advice.  The only caution I would have is that many of the articles are not from a Christian worldview. …  I really like the set-up of this website.  It is so neat and organized that you can find anything in a snap.  Also, they specifically mention homeschooling.  There are a ton of resources, ideas, articles, etc.  There is a section specifically for kids, but right now that area has directions on how to make “vampire bats” out of coffee filters and how to carve pumpkins.  Those things are too closely associated with Halloween for us to want to do them, but overall this minimal content doesn’t take away from the benefit of the website as a whole. 




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