Kids’ thoughts on Obama

We were driving along the other day and the children started talking about Obama. 

“Did you know that Obama supports health care that could deny coverage to old people so that they’d have to die?”

“Did you know that Obama says the economy is getting better, but it really isn’t.  Do you think it is, Mommy?  We don’t even have enough money for gas!”

“Obama says he’s going to fix the world, but so far he hasn’t done anything and everyone still treats him like a king.”

“Did you know that Obama won the Nobel Peace Price even though he hasn’t brought any peace?”

“Obama is going to make our country communist with all his beliefs.”

I just sat there and listened to them talk, all the while thinking, “Where do you get all this stuff?!?”  After all, I don’t like Obama, but I certainly don’t sit around talking about these things in front of the children.  Micah replied with no hesitation, “the news.” 

The news?!?  We don’t have cable television, we don’t subscribe to any newspapers and I wasn’t aware that he was reading the news online.  I guess we’ll have to start blocking news sites in addition to the “bad” sites we have blocked with our parental blockers on the Internet.

Then he added, “And did you know that when Obama is giving speeches, he talks mostly about himself.”

“Yeah,” Christopher quickly put in, “He talks about what HE does, what HE already did, or what HE is going to do every few seconds.  He talks about himself a lot more than he does anything else.”

“And he is always pointed to himself when he is talking about good things,” Micah said.  “If you watch him give speeches, he points toward himself if he is talking about something good and positive, but if he is talking about something bad, he points out to the people.  The masses.  His followers.”

“Yes, his evil minions,” Christopher said.

Ha!  I was cracking up.  Evil minions.

I’m not sure where they got ALL the information and I guarantee you that I have NEVER taught the children the word “minions.”  It has never been on any of our spelling or vocabulary lists, but you gotta give them credit for thinking for themselves – and being willing to speak their minds.  If homeschooling has accomplished one thing, these children certainly aren’t going to be “sheep.”

Sonya Haskins


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