The flu has hit … with horrible lower back pain

I left the house around 11:30 on Friday feeling fine.  My husband and I only have lunch about once every two months so we had arranged to eat lunch together, then I was going to pay bills and then work on my new book for a few hours.  During lunch, the tea tasted way too strong so I didn’t drink it and despite my delicious food, I started feeling nauseous so I couldn’t eat.  I had also started developing a headache so we requested a to-go box.  Chris headed back to work and I headed out to pay bills.

Within the hour, I started feeling much worse.  A LOT worse!

I quickly paid a few bills and then came home and went straight to bed.  It was about 3:00.  By the time Chris came home from work at 5:30, I was freezing, every part of my body hurt, I had a horrible headache, and I had developed diarrhea.  We checked my temperature and it was 102.5.  I had gone from feeling fine to feeling like I might die in just a few short hours.  Due to my chronic health condition and lowered immune system, Chris called my doctor and he gave me some Tamiflu – antivirals.  I think I would be much sicker now if I hadn’t had those.

Friday night I spent the whole night freezing to death while Chris tried to comfort me.  My whole body ached and my lower back was absolutely killing me.  He tried to rub it, but every time he touched me it hurt.

Yesterday, last night and all day today I’ve remained miserable so I’ve been in bed most of the day.  Since we’re 99.9% certain that I have the flu (as certain as you can be without the official test), I expected the sudden onset, aches and chills, headache, etc., but I never anticipated the horrible pain in my lower back.  I didn’t know that was associated with influenza so this evening I’ve felt well enough to stay up a little while and I have found a few other bloggers who have said that one of their main symptoms was lower back pain.  Interesting.  Anyway, I just thought anyone else who is experiencing this might want to know that yes, it is possible to have horrible lower back pain with the flu.  Other than the aches and chills, one of my other main symptoms has been absolutely excruciating stomach pain – like little gnomes are in my whole abdomen dancing with little knife-shaped shoes and poking up into the air with little knife-fingered gloves!

Well, my energy is sapped.  I have to rest again.  I hope to feel better in a few days, but meanwhile I’m thankful that at least tonight I don’t think I’m going to die anymore like I did yesterday and even earlier this morning!



3 thoughts on “The flu has hit … with horrible lower back pain

  1. I have experienced similar symptoms….flu … Achy joints, headache, cough, chills, and fever. Most pronounced is ultra-sensitivity on my whole back! Even my clothes hurt my back. Strange symptoms. It has been five days of bedrest and sleep and ibuprofen . Reassuring to know this has happened to others.


  2. I have had really back back pain after what was only a mild case of flu. Can’t believe just how painful it’s been and was convinced I had something sinister wrong with me before the doctor explained the link between flu and the back. Jonathan, how long did your back pain last for?


  3. I too had and still have back pain with the flu. I awoke to temperture and pain in my lower back. The flu is almost gone but the back pain is very real. My flu was mild almost just a very bad cold, but the pain in my back is killing me. Thanks for the help.


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