NC state education leaders consider change to “history” curriculum

In North Carolina, state education leaders are considering a proposal to replace history with a modernistic, global approach.

Under the current curriculum, North Carolina students study the following:

ninth grade – world history

tenth grade – civics and economics

eleventh grade – United States history going back to the country’s FOUNDING

Under the proposed change, high school students would study the following:

ninth grade – global studies, which would focus on issues such as the environment, peace, human rights, etc.

tenth grade – civics and economics (wouldn’t change)

eleventh grade – United States history, but ONLY from 1877 onward

Many might argue that it’s silly to fret over this when students have thirteen years of school (including kindergarten) and they surely learn all the basics of U.S. history before high school anyway. This was the defense of Rebecca Garland, the chief academic officer for North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Well, let’s take a look at the “history” students learn before high school in North Carolina. (This information has been taken DIRECTLY off the North Carolina Department of Education website. This is the course of study followed in schools throughout the state.) The notes in parenthesis are mine.

Kindergarten – Self and Family / Families Around the World (globalism / social studies, not history)

First Grade – Neighborhoods and Communities Around The World (globalism / social studies, not history)

Second Grade – Regions: Local, State, United States, and World (geography, not history)

Third Grade – Citizenship: People Making A Difference (elementary civics, not history)

Fourth Grade – North Carolina: Geography and History (not U.S. history)

Fifth Grade – United States History, Canada, Mexico, and Central America (There are seven countries in Central America, plus the other three… That’s the history of TEN countries in one year?!?!? Aside from the fact that it’s the year most students are beginning to experience puberty and they’re supposed to concentrate???)

Sixth Grade – South America and Europe

Seventh Grade – Africa, Asia, and Australia

Eighth Grade – North Carolina: Creation and Development of the State

For the middle school years (grades 6, 7 and 8), the standard course of study of the countries listed above is described as follows on the NC Department of Education website:

“As students examine social, economic, and political institutions they analyze similarities and differences among societies. While concepts are drawn from history and the social sciences, the primary discipline is geography, especially cultural geography. This focus provides students with a framework for studying local, regional, national, and global issues that concern them, for understanding the interdependence of the world in which they live, and for making informed judgments as active citizens.”

In other words, students STILL AREN’T STUDYING HISTORY. It’s globalism with a little bit of geography, a spattering of history, and a LOT of politics thrown in! Notice words like global issues and cultural geography.

Before we go any further, it might help to understand a couple of definitions.

History – the study of events that happened in the past, particularly in a chronological order

Globalism – the study of anything that considers the entire world in scope

If you look back at the subjects being taught in North Carolina schools, it’s just another example of curriculum that promotes a globalist approach at the expense of our own culture and heritage. It promotes liberal thinking (such as environmentalism), leads students toward a one-world mindset, and certainly strips them of a true understanding of the principles on which our country was founded.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am increasingly grateful on a daily basis that my children will KNOW that men died to secure their freedoms. They will know WHY. They will READ and UNDERSTAND the Constitution of these United States and why we now say “the” United States instead of “these.” They will visit historic sites and they will study history from the beginning. I’m not just talking about the beginning of the United States, however, but the beginning that was created by the Alpha and the Omega – the beginning that was created by the one who sent his son to die for a bunch of people who don’t even want children to PRAY – the beginning that was created by the one who will signal for the sounding of the trumpets that will signal the end.

I am grateful that even as the leaders in North Carolina consider this change to their curriculum standards, we can once again be thankful for the opportunity to teach our children at home and we can continue to pray for the teachers, students, parents and others who are dealing with the changes in public school settings.

Sonya Haskins, homeschool mom, author, advocate


3 thoughts on “NC state education leaders consider change to “history” curriculum

  1. This idea is insane! Our history is the essence of our being. We are not all “one-world”. Our unique differences are what make us great. You cannot deny your heritage. When studied properly, history teaches us many valuable lessons, one of which is governments that rob a people of their true heritage rewrite their history for the government’s selfish gain and use that false history to control the people. History helps us to reduce the vast possibilities to those few things which are most probale in our future, so we can better prepare for tomorrow. In geneology, you trace your family to its earliest roots. You do not start with your parents and wipe-out or deny all those who came before them. The standardized tests which form the core of the daily lessons in class rob the students of the chance to develope critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical skills. Studying the past provides students with multiple opportunities to see how problems were approached throughout time. Leaving out how we forged our nation and survivied a Civil War prevents students from learning the very basis of government, together with all of the very valuable lessons flowing from the all of the problems that had to be solved in creating and keeping together our nation.


  2. When I first heard this, I couldn’t believe it and that is why my soul could not stay quiet. Thank you so much for speaking out on your website.

    As Americans, Christians or parents.., we must speak-up and say No! We can not allow our mis-guided, socialistic government and dysfunctional educational system do this terrible thing to our children, to our North Carolina text books and to our history.
    History is history.., you don’t change it. It is there to teach us and it should remain true and complete (not turned into propaganda).

    If we remain quiet and just allow these dysfunctional leaders take more and more control over our children…, are we saying that others and the government are better at raising our own children? Are we saying that altering/changing our school text books from stating the truth is acceptable to us?
    Well I say no (and you should too), because I’m seeing too many red flags here.
    On a personal note…, I have witnessed this before in my childhood.

    My family escaped from a communistic country when I was 3 years old. Thank God, my parents trusted in their faith and chose to leave ‘everything’ behind in order to escape to America for freedom and eventually to become proud American citizens. When I say “leave everything behind”, I really mean everything like our home, pets, cars, money, personal belongings, family pictures, clothes, jewelry (even my parent’s wedding bands the soldiers took) because it now became the government’s possession. Can you imagine making that decision with your home and family today?

    I’m very familiar with how communism sneaks in through propaganda, through the educational system and how it works in a quiet, unnoticeable and creepy method. Most of us do not see it coming, until it is too late. We don’t realize that they are after the children. Don’t be fooled this is all about brainwashing and taking control (especially over our children’s minds). This is false teaching and they are coming after the children.
    Do not allow them to make you think that they know best…, they are only trying to throw our confidence and freedom into the trash. Do not fall for it!
    I pray that Americans wake up and begin realizing what is already happening to us.
    The educational department has no ownership over our children.., we the parents do.
    Remember .., this is all about CONTROL…, do not give it away.


  3. Mr. Obama and Associates are in an all out assault on destroying the very fabric of this country. This is yet another example of PC’ness and their attempt to hide the truth from young and impressionable minds.

    The truth is the truth and it will never die no matter how much Obama and Associates lie about it.

    Thank God for Home School families.


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