Skiing / tubing deals in Eastern US

Several people have asked me to share information in regards to discounts for homeschoolers to go skiing, tubing, etc. in North Carolina.  Here’s what I found out…

I did find out that Beech Mountain offers some really good lift ticket specials.  You can read those here:  On most Mondays, for example, juveniles get free lift tickets.

Also, a few homeschoolers sent me a link to this website:   xxxxx.    This is specifically a homeschool site that offers GROUP discounts if you go with them.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend the day skiing or snowboarding with fellow homeschoolers.  The prices they have are amazing!  You’ll probably find the best DEALS here, if your schedule will allow you to go with them.  (If you’re interested in this, please e-mail me privately at and I’ll send you the link to the website.)

I also discovered a terrific website with a whole bunch of ski resorts for the Eastern United States.  You can read information about various resorts in NC, West VA, Virginia, etc.   The site tells has links to each individual resort and has some wonderful statistics of each, hours of operation, average snowfall, average temperatures, what kinds of entertainment is available (skiing, tubing, etc.), and much more.

Finally, since most everyone who has asked me for additional information has expressed interest in going to North Carolina, I have listed all the North Carolina ski locations, how far they are from Johnson City, and directions.  If you click on the link, there will be a Map Quest map with directions directly to the resort listed.  They are each hyperlinked as well so that you can read more about each ski or tubing area before you go.

With all the wintery weather we’ve been having here and with the Winter Olympic Games going on, I hope some of you will have the opportunity to take advantage of this information.

Your friend,
Sonya Haskins


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