teachers in trouble for lap dance during pep rally at Canadian high school

I thought some of you might be interested in this. You will need to make sure you’re children are NOT looking over your shoulder. (You can’t hear anything inappropriate, but the video is ridiculous.)

Here is the article: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/prairies/teachers-lap-dance-a-little-too-far-for-students/article1479114/

I won’t paste the whole article here, but it’s just disgusting what these teachers were doing. There is actually a video off to the right of the article – until they remove it, which it eventually will be, I’m sure. And it probably should be anyway.

What bothered me about the whole thing was not so much the article about what had happened. That’s troubling enough, but if you read the comments, there are literally a few HUNDRED comments and I’d say a good 50% of these are in defense of the teachers’ actions!!! That bothered me more than anything. One of the “in defense” comments was from another teacher, which just leads me to think we’re going to continue to see many more cases such as this. One of the commentators even stated that “My personal opinion on the matter is that depending on the intent, it may have been in somewhat poor taste, but it was not inappropriate or actionable.” Not inappropriate or actionable???? I can’t believe anyone could watch the same video I watched and think it was in any way appropriate – or not inappropriate. It’s unbelievable and goes to further show the extent to which we’ve been desensitized.

It is so sad. My heart breaks for these kids who are being exposed to so much that they should NEVER be exposed to – EVER.



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