Harvest Show – Monday, March 8 – discussion about homeschooling

I received news tonight that a taped interview I did during the National Religious Broadcasters convention this past week will be on the Harvest Show Monday, March 8. The discussion will be about homeschooling.  It’s a very short interview – only about seven minutes long, but in addition to other issues, we do discuss the “big” question – socialization.

If the show is available in your area, you can find out viewing times and stations here:   http://www.harvest-tv.com/ShowInfo/Viewing-Times.cfm

If you would like to watch online, visit http://www.harvest-tv.com/index.cfm.  It will be available online later in the morning after the show airs.

I hope some of you will mark your calendars now and make time to watch it!  Also, if you enjoy the program, PLEASE let the producers know that you appreciated the coverage about HOME EDUCATION.  Any positive feedback they receive about this will encourage them to develop a positive homeschool-friendly perspective and share programs of interest to homeschoolers.

Sonya Haskins


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