It’s not about Salt. It’s about FREEDOM!

Another side effect of GOVERNMENT health care… If they are “GIVING” you something (such as health care), they ARE going to regulate it. Nothing comes w/out a price. Government regulators will now tell you when and how you can get treated for various ailments, who deserves treatment, and just today, an announcement …that they will be regulating the amount of salt that goes into food. While I agree that we eat too much salt, it’s a FREE country. Freedom means the ability to CHOOSE a healthy lifestyle or NOT choose one. But when someone is GIVING you health care, they WILL expect to be able to tell you how to live, how to eat, how much to exercise, when you can go to the doctor, etc. This is another fine example of big brother at his BIGGEST.

Do I encourage healthy eating?? Of course. But I also exercised regularly until I developed the clotting problem. I don’t drink alcohol, take illegal drugs or SMOKE, which is a big one. The single BIGGEST thing the government could do to help people’s health in the United States would be to completely ban smoking. While I can see this might be a good idea, again, people should be wise enough to make this decision (or not eat too much salt) without a government regulator at their door!! But you know why they don’t do this single biggest thing and just ban smoking to help w/ health care issues??? Because then they would have riots across the whole country, government offices would be destroyed, politicians attacked, etc.

I come from a small country town in Tennessee and even many of my Christian friends there are addicted to cigarettes. Not only does just about everyone there smoke, but kids start smoking in elementary school. No, I’m not kidding!! Many parents even let the kids smoke! If the government were to ban smoking, I think even my mom – in her frail health – would be among those pushing down the doors to the political offices – DEMANDING their cigarettes back.

This is what we need to do. We need to start demanding that the politicians leave us alone and give us back our country. After all, it’s not about SALT. It’s about FREEDOM.

These politicians are smart. They know where to push and where to back off… at least until later.

But trust me, it WILL come later. This is only the beginning of our loss of freedoms in the area of health care. They WILL regulate how you exercise. Perhaps you’ll have to turn in how much you’ve exercised each week in order to receive medical care… They WILL regulate the food we’re allowed to have. They WILL tell you when you can go to the doctor and where. That is socialized medicine. Even if it’s not exactly like that in other countries. America is different. Our politicians want to set an example for everyone else and, unfortunately, tends to go overboard. Big Brother WILL get to decide what you will have access to!


P.S. If you’d like to read the “salt” article from Reuters, here’s the link:


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