Arizona Immigration Reform

Photos of Arizona immigration reform protesters show many carrying posters stating “SIN FRONTERAS!!”  Do you know what this means???  It means “NO BORDERS!!”

These protesters do not want immigration REFORM or legal immigration.  They want to TAKE OVER OUR COUNTRY.

Legal immigration is OUR right – the right of United States CITIZENS – just as it is the right of every other country on earth to protect their borders!

What is the big deal with this and why are so many liberals in our country dead set on DESTROYING our country, eliminating boarders, ignoring the laws of our land, etc.?!?  If they want to live with a different government, then go to a different country.  For me, I would prefer to stay here and respect our Constitution and boot out those who are trying to dismantle it.

We need to take back our country and enforce the Constitution our forefathers died to protect!

Sonya Haskins, author of Homeschooling for the Rest of Us


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