No longer a Christian nation??

Just thought everyone should know that I had a very long chat w/ my uncle last night.  Actually, that’s not what you need to know.  🙂  He is a missionary in the Czech Republic and he has been here on furlough for six months.  He is returning on Friday and we spent some time chatting before he has to leave.  He has served the people of the Czech Republic for about 8 years now.  It’s very difficult work because a majority of the population there is atheist.  They just have no concept of “God.”  They just do not believe a God exists AT ALL.

While I was wishing him the best and telling him that I will continue to pray for his family and the work they’re doing there to bring people to Christ, he said that he appreciates it, but after this six month furlough, he is much more concerned about our country – the United States of America.  He said it has changed so much from when he was growing up and even from 8 years ago, when he first went overseas.  He said it seems more like an Islamic nation now rather than a Christian nation.  What he said is true and it just broke my heart.

He is in Europe trying to minister to and preach to a people who don’t even believe God exists, but meanwhile, the country where he was born is rapidly transforming into a nation that no longer worships the Living God.  He said he may be called back one day, but for now he believes the Lord wants his family in the Czech Republic.

My uncle discussed the fact that Europe is rapidly being taken over by Muslims.  Here is one map where you can see the extent of the Muslim religion:

The Bible tells us that there will be the spread of FALSE PROPHETS and I believe this is what we’re seeing, but it is sad to witness our nation – a CHRISTIAN nation – turns its back on God.  But then… you can’t really have a “Christian nation,” can you?  Being a Christian means someone is in an intimate, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  A nation can’t do that.  We probably came closer than any other, since our founders established this nation on principles of personal accountability, just as we’re personally accountable in our relationship with the Lord.

But we have been complacent.  We have not shared the Gospel with friends and family.  We have been “nice” and “fair” and allowed others to come in and take over our schools and our government.  They come in the name of “freedom of religion,” but they are still spreading their religion!  These people have given “meat” to hungry souls, but the problem is that the meat they’ve shared is spoiled.  And now – as a nation – our people are rotting from the food of the false prophets.  Our unborn are being murdered.  Our children are being led astray.  Our young adults are given drugs and alcohol and unprecedented freedom that has led to sin and then we bail them out with more drugs, counseling, welfare checks.  Adults are tired, sick, frustrated, lonely, divorced, immoral …  Everyone is SEEKING PEACE, yet they are seeking in the wrong places.

The Lord said that if we seek, we will find; if we knock, the door will be opened.  This is the message we need to be sharing.



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