more children slaughtered in China

Do you all remember my post a couple of weeks ago about all the attacks against children in China?  I wrote that post on April 29.  The next day, a farmer in Shandong attacked children w/ a hammer – injuring five children.

And earlier today, Wednesday, May 12, a man in Hanzhong killed seven kindergartners and injured 20 others.

Again, I ask… how can this possibly be a coincidence???  And if it isn’t – they’re claiming “copycat” killers are doing this due to “social inequality”  – do they really have that many people who would be willing to MURDER children as young as four years old for no apparent reason whatsoever … or because they aren’t receiving “social justice”?!?  After all, that’s what they’re claiming – that people are so upset about social inequality that they’re murdering kindergartners.  And if we had social justice, as we’re trying to achieve in the United States (gag there), all these poor little children wouldn’t be dying.  Doesn’t this sound like a HUGE conspiracy to anyone other than myself ????  As I asked before, “What is going on in China?!?”  Even if one incident was linked to “social inequality,” I find it difficult to believe that this many unrelated men in unrelated situations and locations would just suddenly decide to hack some little children to death because they think life’s not fair!  Especially in a country where children are held so dear.

The link I’m posting below has a Beijing Associated Press article about the latest attack.

Here was my original blog post from April 29 about all the attacks:

How incredibly sad…


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