Unable to get Monday’s Court Docket

Although this case is from Georgia, it is yet another ruling emphasizing that courts are to remain “unfettered and unobstructed” for public access, INCLUDING CHILDREN. This case specifically addresses the issue we’re having here in Washington County.   https://www.schr.org/resources/jqc_to_judges_keep_courts_open_to_public_no_excuses

Today my husband called and asked how he could obtain the docket for Monday. He was told this wasn’t something they normally published. (Most courthouses publish this on the Internet and all are supposed to make it available to the public because dockets are considered public record.) She said it wasn’t ready yet anyway, but after she asked his name, she said she’d have to ask her supervisor permission to see if she was allowed to give this to him. 

We will be visiting the courthouse Monday, with our without the docket.


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