J.K. Rowling

Bill Gates

Abraham Lincoln

Roy Rogers

Albert Einstein

Eleanor Roosevelt

Mother Teresa

Emma Watson

Barbara Bush

Rosa Parks

Mahatma Ghandi

These people have something in common with most of my children. They are all INTROVERTS.

I get incredibly tired of people praising extroverts when God has given each of us a unique personality. I know many extroverts who honestly need to learn to be quiet. They need to learn how to appreciate others, how to encourage individual talents (and personalities) and how to act a little more introverted at times.

Yesterday our kids walked into a courtroom where they had been told they were not welcome and weren’t even allowed. There was a high likelihood that we would have been escorted out, yet they boldly walked in anyway and sat down in front of spectators, prisoners, attorneys and the judge. Yes, they are introverts, but YES, they will stand up for themselves.

There have been millions of introverts throughout history (including those listed above and many of our greatest Biblical heroes) who probably would not have achieved what they did if they had been extroverts. You see, the thing about introverts is that they might be quiet and you might think they are sitting there doing “nothing” or “wishing they were an extrovert,” but in fact they are quietly plotting their course of action. That might be to write a book, develop a kazillion dollar software company, figure out how to help the poor or making a HUGE difference in any one of a million ways that you or I can’t fathom because we’re too busy being, well… too busy being busy little extroverts who think we know what’s best for everyone.

That’s my shout out for the day to all the introverts in the world. The world is a rough enough place without us bashing one another’s God-given traits. We all have room for improvement, but stress over the things you can change (like behavior) rather than those things you can’t change (like personality).

You are loved and you are amazing – just the way you are!


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