Hot Springs

It took us about 13 hours to get to Hot Springs, Arkansas – the first national park on our National Park Tour! This is the nation’s smallest national park and it’s a bit different from most because really it’s a small town. Well, a small city. It’s a charming little place with something for just about everyone. Truthfully my favorite thing was the water. It’s amazing how truly hot the water is from the natural hot springs – 143 degrees straight from the ground!

Dozens of people were filling water bottles from the spring fountains. It’s perfectly clean and safe to drink straight from the spring. If we lived nearby, I’d be drinking that water all the time!

We ate at a small Cuban / Ecuadorian cafe in town. I believe it was called Rolando’s. The food was very good and they had some orange tortilla chips that were delicious. I believe the lady said they had chipotle in them.

Below are some photos from our first day.

Ladies cooling room at a Hot Springs bath house (in the Visitor’s Center).

The buildings on the mountain side of the road are literally built ONTO the mountain. This rock wall was inside a small hallway in the restaurant where we ate lunch (Rolando’s). It is neat how the people have built the little town around the surrounding hot springs and mountain.

Park Ranger Hannah


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