Sand Flats Recreation Area – Moab, Utah

Slick Rock is amazing. I like the colors and shapes in particular, but it’s also nice just to sit and feel it. Hannah has decided that she likes climbing – everything. And I can’t even begin to keep up with Daniel. We all definitely agree that we like rock MUCH better than sand. I’ve always liked sand, but I discovered I don’t like hiking in sand. Hiking on rock, however, is a different story. You cover much greater distances much more easily.

On Friday night we stayed at Sand Flats Recreation Area in Moab, Utah. It is a pay campground – $15 overnight. This is a little steep since there is only a vault toilet with no other facilities, but it definitely is a nice campground and you’re really kind of paying for “entertainment” here. It appears that most people come prepared with their bikes or ATVs to swarm over the rocks in the morning and evening hours. Although we had neither, it was quite fun watching all the vehicles on the slick rock. After watching this for a couple of hours, we finally decided to give it a try with what we had available – our feet. Clambering over massive boulders and reaching the top to see amazing vistas was a terrific experience.

There is no water at this campground, but one thing we really liked is that you’re only about five to ten minutes from town and a well-stocked grocery store. We normally wouldn’t drive back into town for anything, but we had forgotten ice and really needed this. We were able to go to the store, buy ice and snacks and use my cell phone to call my husband, in less than an hour.

As for sleeping, this has been one of our favorite spots. Despite the fact that this is rock, the lower areas (including the campgrounds) are covered in a fine reddish dirt (from the rock) and the ground is quite comfortable. The bikers were out of the campground by 10:00 (curfew) so it was also quiet. We considered going back there for another night, but opted to use one of our hotel stays after a long day in Arches. This was definitely a great campground, though, and a nice recreation area whether or not you have all terrain vehicles.

(I’m having difficulty getting photos to load on here in any reasonable time, but they go onto FB just fine so I’m going to put the blog posts here and the photos on FB. I’ll combine them when I go home.)

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