The “How” of Relaxed Homeschooling

One of the benefits of homeschooling is the fact that you can provide each child with a customized education.  While some families choose to follow a traditional school model, others are looking for a more relaxed environment where academics, social skills, life skills, physical education and other activities are integrated with students’ daily lives.  Sonya shows parents how to teach their children at home with a variety of resources – books, audio CDs, educational movies, games, outside activities and more – while the student is simply experiencing life.  By the end of this workshop, attendees will have an increased confidence about their individual homeschool methods and they will have a thorough understanding of how relaxed homeschooling works.  (This topic is Sonya’s specialty and most groups include this workshop among their choices.)


Education:  Whose Responsibility Is It?

As government-run schools acquired an increasing amount of responsibility for educating our children in the mid-1800s, parents and students gradually lost accountability.  Modern homeschoolers have chosen to forego the opportunity of a government education and teach their children themselves.  Rather than placing the responsibility directly on the parents’ shoulders, however, Sonya asserts that homeschool parents might want to train students how to take responsibility for their education.  She explains how parents can provide the tools, experiences, and guidance necessary to train a child how to take responsibility not only for his or her own education, but for all areas of his or her life.


How to Help a Reluctant Reader

Of Sonya’s five children, two have been reluctant readers.  She has also helped numerous other families deal with this issue.  It can be stressful on the parent and the child when one is having difficulty developing reading skills.  It’s just as stressful when the child who knows how to read simply doesn’t enjoy it.  Sonya provides audience members with useful information and practical advice to turn those reluctant readers into book lovers.


Nurturing the Child’s Heart

While it is easy to get caught up in the academics of homeschooling, the most important aspect of teaching our children has nothing to do with the “Three Rs.”  The Bible repeatedly emphasizes that knowledge puffs one up, but the Lord gives wisdom.  Drawing on real-life examples and Biblical guidance, Sonya discusses the difference between wisdom and intelligence and encourages parents to prioritize their homeschool environment so that a relationship with the Lord is foundational.  Sonya explains how discipline, obedience, and love set this foundation – whether parents are dealing with a one-year-old or a twelve-year-old.  In this inspirational workshop, Sonya provides fresh ideas and shows parents how to weave discipleship throughout the atmosphere of home, family, and academics.


Socialization is a Bad Word

Many parents are intimidated by the widespread myth that homeschooled children are at a social disadvantage.  The problem is that society places an emphasis on socialization without really understanding the consequences.  For one thing, socialization is not a Biblical concept.  It is contrary to the idea that each of us as individuals can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Aside from the Biblical implications, most public and private school students are placed in age-segregated classrooms for twelve years.  Statistics show that this segregation actually hampers students’ social development.   Sonya shares statistics, research, and Biblically-based concepts to demonstrate how “socialization” should not be the goal.  Instead, she encourages parents to see social development as an opportunity to help each child interact in the present and prepare for the future based on God’s unique plan for his or her life.


Homeschooling and Chronic Illness

If your support group or co-op has moms who suffer from chronic pain or who deal with a serious health issues in the family (themselves, a child or other family member), this is an excellent workshop on how to homeschool despite these challenges.  This is also a great workshop for those who want to understand this problem so that they might be a blessing to these families.  Good health is a gift.  Sometimes, poor health can be as well when we learn to accept each aspect of our lives as a part of God’s amazing plan.  This encouraging workshop, with practical advice and uplifting stories of faith and hope, is appropriate for all age levels.

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