Life is precious. Education can be an adventure. These are two of the many ideas I try to pass on to my children, with a little science, history, math and more traditional academic subjects thrown in along the way.

I believe we have education backwards today. When babies are born, they have a natural ability and desire to learn. Toddlers are always “busy” and into things because they want to know¬†about the world around them. Curiosity – and learning – comes naturally because God made humans inquisitive by nature. As many parents learn the hard way, however, this natural tendency to want to know about the world around them is crushed in many children after they begin formal education (whether this is in a public, private or home school environment).

Instead of crushing that desire to learn, what if we nurtured it? What if we gave kids the tools to discover things for themselves? What if we guided them along the way, but allowed them to actually be a part of the process? What if we trained a child in the way he should go and then actually encouraged him to find his path and follow it?

I hope that you’ll find things on this website to encourage you as you take the journey of a lifetime with your children. After all, the way you begin that journey now will in part determine the choices your child makes in the future. If you are discouraged or struggling, please take time to browse the articles. Find encouragement. Find your path to adventure!

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