When it was time for our oldest child to officially enter kindergarten, my husband Chris and I made the decision to teach her at home. The decision was made following a series of events that led us to strongly believe God was directing us to homeschool. Since that time, we’ve had more children, survived through life-threatening illness, lost jobs, moved, and numerous other life-changing events, but through it all, our five children have had the opportunity to pursue their interests, develop positive relationships with each other and even learn academics in the process. I’m forever grateful that we made the decision to teach our children at home.



Through writing and speaking, I enjoy encouraging parents to seek God’s will in how they parent. Families have different needs, varying talents and changing situations. Students have differing abilities, personalities and goals. I believe parents are the best decision makers for their children and should be supported as they prayerfully consider their educational and parenting choices.


In addition to encouraging parents and raising our five children, I try to stay busy with community activities. My husband and I have been foster parents since 2001 (although we’re currently taking a break). I am currently training to be a Court Appointed Special Advocate and look forward to working with families through the court system. My three youngest children and I are also involved with our local martial arts academy. We all have earned our black belts and we’re on the instructor team. We enjoy helping other people try to achieve their personal martial arts goals and encourage everyone to learn self defense skills.



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